Physicians & Surgeons at Wichita Surgical Specialists in Kansas

Our doctors and surgeons in Wichita, Kansas provide patients with surgical care in more than 15 specialty areas. Wichita Surgical Specialists recruits talented doctors in surgery from around the nation to provide patients with the highest care. Our surgeons use the most sophisticated techniques in medicine, including minimally-invasive treatments, robotics and CyberKnife technologies.

All of the Wichita Surgical Specialists providers practice with the highest integrity. From the first phone call to the last post-surgical visit, we strive to provide honest, responsive answers to all your questions.


General Surgery

R. Larry Beamer, MD, FACS
John L. Smith, MD, FACS
Brent A. Lancaster, MD, FACS
Mark J. Niederee, MD, FACS
Jeremy L. Howes, MD, FACS
Nicholas M. Brown, MD, FACS
Samantha L. Beck, MD
Austin B. George, MD

Breast Care Surgery

Therese E. Cusick, MD, FACS

Burn Surgery, Wound Care & General Surgery

Robert W. Bingaman, MD
David C. Grantham, MD*
Thomas R. Resch, MD*

Trauma, Surgical Critical Care*
& General Surgery

R. Joseph Nold, Jr., MD, FACS
James M. Haan, MD, FACS

Colon-Rectal Surgery

Michael G. Porter, MD, FACS
Lindsay A. Strader, DO

Vascular Surgery

Alex D. Ammar, MD, FACS
Steven A. Hutchinson, MD, FACS
Jason D. Woolard, MD, FACS
Chad P. Ammar, MD

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Gyan J. Khicha, MD, FACS
Matthew A. Arneson, MD, FACS
Sanjay G. Khicha, MD, FACS
Brett E. Grizzell, MD, FACS
Matthew A. Williams, DO

Neurological Surgery

Nazih Moufarrij, MD, FAANS

Plastic Surgery

Vanessa L. Voge, MD

Surgical Oncology

Ali Ahmad, MD


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